Claims assistance – a best in class service

If a claim is made (whether it be meritorious or not), our experienced in-house claims team – as trusted partners – provide clients with valuable guidance (including as to policy response and claims processes); assist clients in dealings with insurers and panel solicitors; and support clients throughout the journey towards a successful outcome. Some claims have the potential to adversely affect business (reputation-wise and/or commercially) and to pressurise individuals – we work hard with clients and insurers to minimise this.

Our accomplished in-house claims team knows the professional indemnity insurance market; is well-versed in policy wordings; and is highly proactive in dealing with insurers (where necessary, forcibly arguing our clients’ positions).

In line with Brunel PI Brokers’ values, our in-house claims team’s ambition is for clients to value our best in class service; to find our communications clear and easy to understand; and to have confidence in our response times.

Our work includes, where requested and agreed;

• Fighting the client’s corner – foremost, protecting our client’s interests.

• Advising on the drafting of claims notifications and provision of appropriate information.

• Keeping the insurer “on risk” – assessing and positively resolving coverage issues or “policy points”.

• Advising on claims issues that arise – providing context, input and clarification in relation to claims developments and/or insurers’ actions.

• Working to keep claims “on track” – facilitating the efficient and successful resolution of claims – guiding both clients and insurers from our own experience of similar issues.

• Thinking outside of the box – providing additional lateral input as situations demand.

• Supporting clients at mediations and trials and with other dispute resolution methods.

• Facilitating the procedural aspects and mechanics of settlement.


Risk Management – we’re here to help

It is axiomatic that professionals face risks in their work, including risks of claims and complaints being made by clients and third parties. Insurance plays a vital part in how professionals deal with these risks. That said, management practices and procedures are also of significant importance. At Brunel PI Brokers we recognise that professionals can often take steps to eliminate or reduce such risk.

Our knowledgeable team provides general guidance to professionals on risk management, in publications and at seminars. We can also work with individual clients to forecast and evaluate financial risks faced and identify ways which seek to avoid or minimise their impact.