Our goal is to provide fast, informal, reassuring and informed client service, tailored to the individual needs of our client’s business. We believe in creating a dialogue with our clients and have the expertise to explain the issues so that our clients can make educated decisions. We understand that our client’s time is valuable and aim to make the insurance process as efficient and painless as possible.


Professional firms need comprehensive insurances to protect them against claims for professional mistakes, errors and omissions.

We provide a fully independent insurance broking service to businesses of all sizes. Click here for further information.

Claims handling

The acid test of an insurance policy is that it pays out on a loss when called upon. We make sure that we fully understand our clients’ businesses and needs to ensure that their policy can be relied upon.

Our in-house claims handling team manages the process of agreeing and setting all claims. Click here for further information.

Risk management

An adverse claims history can inflate the cost of insurance premiums and make cover more difficult to secure. We work closely with all our clients to identify and mitigate risks in their business, to ensure that they can continue to benefit from the most competitively priced insurance.

Click here for further information about our in-house risk management service.