Shortage of Door & Security Staff – Risk Management

While no industry has escaped the last two years unscathed, the UK’s nightlife industry was hit particularly hard. Since the pandemic, staffing levels are well below what’s needed, with reports of levels under 70% of where they need to be. This has been compounded by a lack of EU workers following Brexit.

While the nation was in lockdown, scores of club security workers were furloughed or made redundant. Many found work elsewhere and others left for jobs with more sociable hours, resulting in a deficit.  

A steep decline in security staffing levels

The situation is ‘critical’, says Michael Kill, CEO of the Night Time Industry Association (NTIA). And it’s only deteriorating further.

According to reports, the problem started long before the pandemic. However, the pace of decline sped up with the outbreak. The industry has also been met with rising costs, making it even harder to secure adequate staffing while trying to stay afloat. Higher energy bills, for example, are attributed to a 10% increase in costs.

The NTIA estimates that almost 90,000 jobs have been lost across the nightlife industry. One in five businesses are believed to have closed or cut hours due to insufficient staffing. Independent clubs have been particularly affected.

Fears over the festive period

As approach Christmas, companies are growing concerned as workloads are set to increase up to 30%. Many are unequipped, with insufficient staffing to handle the busy festive period. Christmas plans will be in jeopardy, with venues unable to open or to cope with demand. 

Bath Christmas Market won’t be going ahead this year, due to lack of security. This marks the second year running for the award-winning Christmas event. 

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A threat to public safety

As Kill points out, bouncers and security staff aren’t simply there to turn people away for violating the dress code.

“Whether it is through acting as a first line of defence against a terrorist attack, or intervening to break up violent incidents, licensed security staff are fundamental to public safety.”

Recently, reports of increased drink spiking and partygoers being unknowingly injected with drugs while inside nightclubs have been released. A lack of adequate security will only exacerbate these problems further.

Fines and imprisonment

Door supervisors in the UK must be licensed by the Security Industry Authority. The process involves a six-day training course, costing upwards of £200. This is followed by a licence application process, which can take up to six weeks and costs £190. Someone caught working as a door supervisor without a licence is liable to face a fine of up to £5,000, plus up to six months’ imprisonment. 

With Christmas just a few weeks away, businesses can’t train people up in time, leaving them short handed and forced to turn to security agencies for help. Estimates suggest that venues are having to pay these agency staff up to 25% more, further hiking up their running costs and ability to turn a profit.

As staff shortages continue, desperate venues are forced into hiring people they would not otherwise consider. People who may lack the necessary skills and/or training to effectively perform their duties. This, in turn, can put the public at risk.

It’s essential that bar and club owners have the right insurance policy to mitigate risks such as personal accidents, assaults on staff, property damage and more. Not to mention the added risks that come with working during a pandemic. Comprehensive public liability and employers liability insurance now become more vital than ever in the wake of these staffing trends. 

With difficult times ahead, the industry should invest in measures to protect their interests and ensure public safety. For owners, now is a good time to review your insurance policies, to ensure your business is shored up against potential risks.

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